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How to get free spare parts during the two years warranty period

Here is a list of parts that are available through TM tech support. These parts are available for free provided your Cougar is still under the two years warranty. All you need to do is to subscribe to the Thrustmaster technical support website and file your part request through there: http://ts.thrustmaster.com
If your Cougar is not under warranty anymore, then the only way to get spare parts will be by purchasing the spares parts kits. These kits unfortunately are not available yet, but as all Cougars are still under warranty, this shouldn't be an issue (at least not yet)

Please note that the part reference number shown below is for information purposes only. TM/Guillemot uses the same list at the moment but they can change their system without us being notified. In all cases, use the description of the part and not the number only.

Note also that soldering may be required to install warranty parts into the Cougar.

A slight note of warning here. It's not because that list is now available that you can now overload Guillemot tech support with part requests. Do it honestly and request only the part that is broken. So far, Guillemot/TM don't ask question about the part you're requesting but I already heard some remarks about some abusive requests. So if you, like me, want the system to continue in the long run, you know what you have to do ;)

Parts list

Part image
TM Part description
TM Part reference
Stick parts
Potentiometers Axes XY CTS251B15F104B2NB
Available through Cougar World: check here
Potentiometer for X and Y axis - short shaft
CTS Holder (Black) F16-14
Potentiometer holder
Part 32 5 pin connector F16-32
Available through Cougar World: check here
PS2 Cable connector between stick base and handle
Coolie Hat 1 "POV" F16-16
Complete assembly for Hat 1
Coolie Hat 2 (POV) "ridged" F16-18
Complete assembly for Hat 2
Coolie Hat 3 "castellated" F16-19
Complete assembly for Hat 3
Coolie Hat 4 "H" F-16-20
Complete assembly for Hat 4
Button (grey) Hat 1"POV" F16-16 Metal grey cap for Hat 1
Button (black) Hat 2 "ridged" F16-18 Metal black cap for Hat 2
Button (black) Hat 3 "castellated" F16-19 Metal black cap for Hat 3
Button (black) Hat 4 "H" F-16-20 Metal grey cap for Hat 4
Clip (black) F16-23 Support for buttons S1, S2, S4
Bearing (black) F16-22 Plastic gimbals bearing
Axis Spring F16-31 Cougar Stick spring
Trigger Spring F16-30
Spring for TG1
USB cable Cable USB from stick to PC
Tact switch for stick Micro switch (S1, S2, S3, TG1, TG2, S4)
Not available yet
USB Cable + connector USB Cable + connector
Throttle parts
DB15HD Shielded + Housing DB15 cable from TQS to Stick
Brake (black) TQS-06 Brake pad for throttle friction system
Slider (black) TQS-19
Available soon through IJ
Speedbrake and Dogfight casing
Coolie Hat "Radioswitch" TQS-16 Complete assembly for T2/T3/T4/T5 (radioswitch) button
Button (grey) Range knob TQS-16 Metal grey cap for T6 (RNG) button
Button (grey) Radioswitch TQS-17 Metal grey cap for radioswitch
Button (grey) Dogfight TQS-18 Metal grey cap for dogfight slider
Button (grey) Speedbrake TQS-30 Metal grey cap for speedbrake slider
Stop (black) TQS-07 TQS axis bearing blocks
Comer (black) TQS-25 Comer TQS
Potentiometer Axe Z CTS251B15F104B6NB
Available through Cougar World: check here
Potentiometer for Z axis - long shaft
Potentiometer Antenna CTS 270XM8508 potentiometer for Antenna axis.
Potentiometer Range CTS 270S1800 Double potentiometer and button for Range axis.
3 way switch
Dogfight electronic switch
4 way switch on side locking
Speedbrake electronic switch
Double Pot 252A104B60NB (microstick)
Available through Cougar World (pots only): check here
Microstick without board and without cap