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Unless you've done this before, you'd be amazed at how much effort goes into designing and maintaining a support and community site like this. It's a lot of work. We're happy to do that because we all put a stupid amount of work into the Cougar, and we all know that the future of Thrustmaster in the high end flight sim controller market depends entirely on how successful this product of ours is. So we take Cougar World very seriously.

The time that we put in here though is our own. It's unpaid, it's long, and it's time away from our loved ones and our private lives. To that end, we would ask the following of you:

  • 1.) Before you post on the forum, see whether your question has already been answered. It may have been answered in the documentation and help files that shipped with the Cougar. The answer may lie elsewhere on the site, in the regularly updated FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) or in the forum. This site is primarily an information resource to help you get the most out of your Cougar, and its layout is designed so that relevant information can be located easily and quickly.

  • 2.) On the forum, we would appreciate it if replies/comments within a thread were kept on topic pertinent to the thread heading.

  • 3.) Please don't use e-mail or ICQ to contact us about problems, unless we've specifically asked you to. Such e-mails and ICQ messages are likely to be met with responses requesting you to direct your question here. It's much better to post on the forum and be answered there, so that everyone else can benefit from that information.

  • 4.) Please be respectful on this site, and on the forum. Post courteously and politely as though you are speaking to us or others face to face. We operate a zero tolerance policy here. Impolite posts will be ignored. Abusive, rude or disrespectful posts will be deleted immediately and we will not hesitate to ban users without explanation if their conduct is disrespectful to other people here.

Thankfully my experience of the Thrustmaster community is a fantastic one, so I'm sure the latter point is immaterial. There's a great spirit of friendship, helpfulness and respect towards each other, and if you've just bought your Cougar, you can rest assured that you're joining a great group of like minded simmers. ;)

The Cougar World Team

A big thanks to ...

Obviously I'd like to thank all the developers and beta testers who've offered to help out with Cougar World, and those of you who've bought Cougars! However there are two people I want to single out for special thanks.

First of all I'd like to thank Frugal for hosting and helping out with the site and its costs. This site is expensive to run, (it is not funded by Thrustmaster or Guillemot), time consuming and an awful lot of "behind the scenes "work goes on to ensure its smooth running. Anyone who knows Frugal will also know how little sleep he gets because of the time and effort he puts into Frugal's World and the other sites he hosts. He does this in his own spare time, and at considerable personal cost. If you want to help out or show your appreciation, then why not make a small donation to ease his running costs. You can do so here. Thanks! ;)

Secondly, I'd like to thank Coda, who designed this incredible site, again in his spare time and again at his personal cost. Thanks buddy - an outstanding job and that Cougar graphic is fantastic!

James "Nutty" Hallows